la casa nel vento Bed & Breakfast

Surrounded by greenery, in a privileged position at the crossroads between the ridge of the Apennines and the Po, the mountains and the small hills of Parma, stands an unforgettable traditional 19th century farmhouse. 

B&B La Casa nel vento (house of the wind) is situated in a quiet and peaceful area, where once stood the barn and the farmhouse.

The location and the sounds of nature surrounding offered the opportunity to understand that wind was what really shaped this environment.

Therefore the rooms have been arranged, decorated and named according to their cardinal directions, and you can feel the essence of the breezes which baptized them.





La Casa nel Vento - Bed & Breakfast in Fidenza (PR) LocalitÓ Cabriolo
Tel: 340.457.7553 Thomas - Email:

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